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“I buy from Eribic for their accurate grading and large selection of high grade Marvel comics.” — George 

“I appreciate the vast knowledge of Eribic’s staff. Case in point…I was looking for a particular issue from my childhood, but was unsure of the title. After describing the cover to one of the staff, he pulled the issue from his inventory in two minutes flat thereby, ending a 5-year search!” — Brian 

“The Eribic website is truly a comic convention every single day! The comic you sold me was absolutely gorgeous and the terms were just what I needed. Thanks so much! You guys are really the professionals of this hobby. Thanks so much.”  —Daniel 

“Eribic’s grading is what makes them head and shoulders above the comic book business of the industry. I have bought many comic books and I mean many that other dealers would grade and price a full point higher than how Eribic would strictly grade. I always look to Eribic first when buying any key book.”  —John 

“Eribic devotes a lot of personal attention to make sure I get exactly what I want. I never feel any pressure and I know the staff will work with me to customize my purchase to my exact specifications. I also appreciate the flexibility their time payments allow.” —Megan 

“Eribic constantly works hard to bring in new collections. They stay on top of market trends and are always offering their customers new acquisitions through their mailing list.” —Tracy 

“I really like Eribic’s Market Reports. The updates are great, and I especially enjoy the wide selection of Marvel comics.” —Mia