About Us

Eribic Comics opened its online shop in 2009, and has become one of the leading comic books retailer in the U.S. We opened our store for the reason of being inspired by the great comic artist of Marvel for which this website has been named after. All of his works are amazing. This is why we wanted to showcase all of his works and the reason why we created this online shop. Little did we know, our store has been supported by many people and has grown so much since its establishment.  

We have various selections of comic books that you may find in our store like all the Marvel comics and so much more. Eribic offers the best independent, or alternative, comic book selections as well, including Diary of a Whimpy Kid and so many more. The best online comic book subscription service is also found at Eribic’s online store. Try also our digital comic books that can be downloaded here in our website. 

We also have a lot of signed comic books and exclusive or variant covers are available online. We are proud to say that Eribic Comics has been associated with the comic con since inception. Eribic also holds an event once every year, we’re doing a vending booth in the city. The Eribic’s mega vending booth includes activities such as the appearances of some of the great and famous creators and illustrators of comic characters, and discounts on all comic books.  

Please make sure to follow us on our website for more updates on everything including the newly released comic books. We deliver from our store right to your door! Eribic Comics online shop is committed in providing you great services to make your shopping experience as much fun as collecting and reading comic books. We want you to be satisfied by our services and we are working hard on that. 

Please keep browsing to see more about us. You may refer to the FAQs section and see if you have any questions that have already been answered. 

Thank you for your time!