Interesting comic book artists nowadays

Eribic was founded in 2009, inspired by our favorite illustrator of Marvel comics. We started in a small flat with a contemporary garage door in Nevada. We are one of the most trusted online stores in selling comic books. 

Eribic, from which our name has been derived, is one of the most interesting comic book artists nowadays. Despite his work as a penciler, he’s most known as a cover artist for Marvel comics. His ability to create comics with astounding composition, physiology and colors is what brought him to our attention. 

Eribic has been working in the comics industry since the late 1990s, most of the time for Marvel. He is currently working on Thor, God of Thunder.  

Meanwhile, Eribic, the website, is a comic and graphic novel publisher formed in 2009 by a group of comic industry artists. It is also one of the largest comics publisher in the USA.  


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